On Auburn’s campus, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton can’t receive a “singing Valentine” – complete with carnation – without it showing up on YouTube. On Boston College’s campus, about 1,200 miles northeast of Auburn, Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly says it’s easy to blend in around the snow, Gothic architecture and his fellow students. Which is just how Kuechly likes it. While Newton’s every move since returning to campus this semester seems to be captured on film – from his appearance at an Auburn basketball game to his participation in an intramural hoops game – Kuechly has maintained a low profile since getting back to work on his marketing degree last month. He lives with a former teammate in a dorm, works out in the football weight room and attended BC’s near upset of Duke last weekend. It’s almost like he never left. “It’s great. I’m right on campus. Everything’s real close. I can get everywhere easily,” Kuechly said during a phone interview this week. “We have a kitchen in the dorm to cook food. So it’s working out.”