Carolina Panthers linebacking legend Luke Kuechly recently ranked the five hardest players he ever tried to tackle, and the man known as “Beast-Mode,” Marshawn Lynch, was at the top of that infamous list.

Kuechly is not just the best linebacker in the Panthers’ history, he is one of the very best to play the position over the last 20 years. In every single season of his eight-year run in the NFL, he racked up well over 100 tackles and peaked in his rookie season with a ridiculous 164 combined. Meaning, that it is safe to say the five-time All-Pro has an elite understanding of the art of tackling at the highest levels of the sport.

That’s why during an appearance on ESPN’s “NFL Live” the 2013 defensive player of the year was asked to rank the five players that he feels are the absolute toughest in the league to wrestle to the ground. Most of the five he played with, however, the retired defensive great also used his expertise to add a couple he faced on a limited basis or never got the opportunity to compete against.