The highest-paid offensive coordinator in college football might not get a second year to implement his system at LSU as the Tigers are planning to split with Matt Canada after the Citrus Bowl, according to The Daily Advertiser and The Advocate. Canada and coach Ed Orgeron have seemingly been at odds the second half of the 2017 season after LSU lost to Troy on Sept. 30, when Orgeron would not allow Canada to run the offense the way he saw fit. Following that 24-21 upset loss, Orgeron admitted to the press he had been meddling in Canada's offense before the game. One of the tenets of Canada's offense has always been pre-snap movement and motion with players sometimes running across the formation to the other side. Orgeron wasn't a fan of it and thought that it was inhibiting LSU's ability to move the ball and score, so he told Canada to do away with it before the game. LSU wound up falling to a Troy team that it should have overmatched after taking this straight-forward approach, despite finishing with more total offense and gaining 5.6 yards per carry. Of course, LSU also turned the ball over four times compared to Troy's two turnovers. That likely had a bigger impact on the final score than any pre-snap motion.