Entering the 2022 college football season, few coaches are under the microscope as much as Brian Kelly. LSU football won the national title in 2019. Two years later, it fired its coach, Ed Orgeron. Kelly then left Notre Dame for Baton Rouge. This instantly made the LSU football 2022 season one of the most fascinating journeys in the history of the program. Here’s an LSU football preseason piece which lays out the central question facing this team.


5) Will the defensive line throw its weight around?

Late in the 2021 season, LSU’s defensive front, which had been poor in the first few months of the season, dramatically improved. That defensive line contained Bryce Young and the Alabama offense in a road game in Tuscaloosa. The performance was certainly a welcome development, but it also raised the obvious question: Where was that effort and quality in September and early October? The LSU football preseason outlook will be shaped by a number of developments. One of them certainly has to apply to the defensive front, because if the consistent weekly standard of the 2022 defense is not markedly better than the subpar 2021 standard, this team is in a heap of trouble.


4) Will player development improve?

Ed Orgeron admitted LSU was very predictable in an extraordinary press conference midway through last season. He acknowledged that his coaching staff was not paying attention to the details. Schematically, there’s very little question that Brian Kelly will do better than Coach O. Kelly’s track record of consistent success at Notre Dame makes it very hard to believe that LSU preseason camp will be a waste of time.