The mysterious absence of DE Arden Key from the LSU football program is about to reach a turning point. LSU defensive coordinator Dave Aranda said Thursday that he expects the Tigers coaching staff to learn next week whether Key, who took a leave of absence from the program in February, will be back with the team this fall. "Arden's been around, so I've seen Arden," Aranda said, according to the Alabama Media Group. "Arden's looking good. We get back together next week with a full staff. ... I anticipate at that time that we'll hear about Arden's direction and where he's going and whether he'll be with us or not. I'm very hopeful that he will be. I think we have a defense with Arden and a defense without Arden. There's two very separate entities there. I'm pulling for the one with." LSU has not provided details on why Key left the team, saying only that it was for personal reasons.