While the Timberwolves work and wait on their pursuit of restricted free agent Nicolas Batum, All-Star forward Kevin Love waits on them to make the telling moves that will make the franchise a playoff contender. And he's getting antsy. He told Yahoo!Sports so in an interview while training with the U.S. Olympic team in Las Vegas last weekend. Love is the only player among the 12 Olympians who has never reached the playoffs. "My patience is not high," Love said. "Would yours be, especially when I'm a big proponent of greatness surrounding itself with greatness? All these [Team USA] guys seem to have great players around them. "It's tough seeing all these guys that are young and older who have all played in the playoffs. When they start talking about that, I have nothing to talk about. If I don't make the playoffs next year, I don't know what will happen."