Akoy Agau has lived a lot of places, enough for the sophomore University of Louisville basketball player to know three languages: Dinka, Arabic and English. But Agau now calls Omaha, Neb., home, and he’s spent a few weeks there since school let out before returning to U of L for summer workouts. When not deflecting rumors of a transfer to Creighton or Nebraska — Agau told a local radio show he’s had to do plenty of that while reminding locals that he does still live in Omaha — the Sudan native let his hometown in on how crazy we are over here. On a recent appearance with Sharp & Benning in the Morning, Agau brought up the U of L-Kentucky clash in a 15-minute interview, saying he’s “never been a part of such a rivalry. It’s taken to a whole ‘nother level.” It’s often said these days that U of L-UK is more for the fans than players, most of whom aren’t from this region and didn’t grow up rooting for Cards or Cats. But Agau takes at least some of it personally, because every misstep has consequences. “It’s literally, if you win, you have exactly 365 days until the next game you play each other to brag and talk all the crap they want,” he said. “It’s literally all they do. It’s red and blue just going back at each other. If a Louisville player does something, all the Kentucky fans want to … publicize it or get it out. “I personally feel like our fans are more mature. I hope there’s not any Kentucky fans listening.” Agau’s comments came a week or so before teammate Mangok Mathiang was arrested on Kentucky Oaks Day for failure to disperse and public drinking. Agau himself was indefinitely suspended at one point during his freshman season, and the Cardinals also saw a pair of defections from the team — Chane Behanan and Kevin Ware — that added to the back-and-forth fan sniping. “We could be in the national championship playing against someone else, or we could have like 10 more games before playing that game, but that’s the only game anybody’s talking about down there,” Agau said of U of L-UK, before adding, “I’ve never been a part of something so crazy — amazing.”