In the wake of the suit brought forth by former Louisville Cardinals head coach Rick Pitino against his former employer, the University of Louisville has countered and sued Pitino for monetary damages and “wrongful conduct” the university believes has tarnished the school’s reputation, per Jason Riley of WDRB. The suit was filed Wednesday in court with the university seeking “any bonuses and other compensation wrongly paid” to their former coach. Pitino has already put forth a $35 million suit against the school following his firing, which came prior to the start of the 2017-18 season. “Mr. Pitino, and not the University, was the active wrongdoer,” alleges the lawsuit brought forth by Louisville. The two sides stem in disagreement over the handling of Pitino’s firing earlier this year, in which the school believes was a “for cause” dismissal, while Pitino does not believe he was given proper notice.