Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino has told members of his staff that he expects to lose his job in light of the latest scandal rocking the Cardinals, ESPN's Michael Eaves reported early Wednesday. School officials have not yet commented. But sources have told CBS Sports that the likelihood of Pitino keeping his job are "slim" after an FBI investigation uncovered evidence that Adidas agreed to pay approximately $100,000 to five-star freshman Brian Bowen in exchange for his enrollment at the school. Also worth noting: A Louisville assistant was caught on video discussing a pay-for-play scheme with an agent about a Class of 2019 prospect -- barely a month after the NCAA punished the program for a previous scandal involving prostitutes. Pitino said Tuesday the scandal was a "complete shock" to him. Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich met with Louisville interim president Greg Postel briefly Wednesday morning and exited the building without comment. Postel told reporters he would "comment later."