The odds aren't likely. There are 32 NFL teams. Manti Te'o is on one of them. But if May 8 comes around and the Chargers are on the clock with a nose tackle in mind, sign up Louis Nix III. Gladly, Nix says, he'll take that reunion. The former Notre Dame defensive lineman is a projected first-round draft pick. It's possible he'll be taken before the Chargers' No. 25 overall choice comes around, and it's also feasible that, if Nix is available, the team will take a different route. The draft, though, is the draft. Things happen. There would be worse things, Nix said recently, than playing alongside Te'o again. Te'o was a four-year Irish starter from 2009 to 2012. Nix was his teammate the latter three seasons, starting a combined 22 games during Te'o's junior and senior year. "I think it would be tight," Nix, 22, said. "I would love to see my guy again. We missed him at Notre Dame. Just being with another guy who you spent a few years with — he's a great guy, a great teammate. He's someone I look up to." The Chargers could use another nose tackle. They parted with Cam Thomas in free agency, allowing him to quietly fly to Pittsburgh and sign a two-year, $5 million deal with the Steelers. His departure cemented Sean Lissemore as the top returner at the position.