Suns fans: Watch the Suns have five chances out of 1,000 in the NBA Draft Lottery in May? Or watch the Suns compete in the playoffs in late April for experiences they never have had? That is the base of the argument between those who want a draft-lottery-bound Suns team and a playoff-bound Suns team. The difference in the Suns' draft pick is likely to be between No. 14, the spot they get as a non-playoff team (if that five-in-1,000 chance does not pop up), and No. 19, the draft spot they would likely land as a playoff team. The difference in what they would get back could be much more. The Suns' active roster does not have any players who have started a playoff game. Seven Suns have never played an NBA postseason game. Even these Suns' most memorable playoff combatants, Goran Dragic and Channing Frye, have not done so since 2010. With 14 games remaining, the Suns (39-29) can catch Dallas (41-28) or pass Memphis (40-27) from a 1½-game hole to taste the fruits of the second season.