With every embarrassing loss, Jarome Iginla’s decision must get a little bit easier. With every painful, four-goal humiliation, the Calgary Flames captain is surely able to better relate to the situation that saw Rick Nash finally admit he’d had enough of losing. The frustration of staying loyal to an organization that continually spins its wheels as time ticks away on your chance to win a Stanley Cup is clearly mounting, as Iginla takes one final week or two to decide if he wants to end his 18-year relationship with the Flames. Few would blame him if he did. As reported in Sunday’s Calgary Sun, Iginla has still yet to instruct agent Don Meehan on which direction he wants to take his career as his contract expires at season’s end. It’s got to be a gut-wrenching decision given his history and status here. Iginla and the Flames aren’t even negotiating, as Meehan awaits his client’s instructions on whether to try extending his contract or ask for a trade. It was an amazing revelation from the agent, given there are only 23 days left until the NHL’s trade deadline and Iginla is still uncommitted. Back-to-back four-goal losses on the West Coast sure can’t bode well for him wanting to stay. Seven times in 23 games so far this season, the Flames have lost by three goals or more, giving them a goal-differential of minus-16. Only two teams sport a worse differential. The Flames are now in last place in the Western Conference. The hockey world sure seems to believe Iginla would be foolish to sign an extension to stay with the Flames. For the sake of the team and Iginla, a trade demand makes most sense to hockey pundits across North America.