Andrea Bargnani's latest calf injury — one he termed much worse than the original one he suffered — is going to put the Raptors in an eerily familiar position for the foreseeable future. Robbed again of their leading scorer, the Raptors are going to have to figure out again how to manufacture enough points to stay in games. There was no word on Bargnani's fate as the team enjoyed a day off here Thursday; he was scheduled for an MRI but the results won't be dissected by various physicians and trainers here and in Toronto and Italy for a little while. But suffice it to say he won't be available for a while and that's not a good thing for a team that's proven it can't score consistently without its best offensive player. In the six games Bargnani missed with the first injury, the Raptors were 0-6 and averaged just 81 points per game. In the 13 games he's played, when the Raptors were 6-7, they averaged 90.4 points per night.