The knock on Jameis Winston in his first two NFL seasons was the high number of turnovers that limited his success. In this third year with the Bucs, he has proven to be a more accurate passer. His interception rate is down 35 percent from last season, and his quarterback rating is 10 points higher. Offsetting that, however, is this problem: For the second year in a row, Winston is tied for the league lead in lost fumbles. Fumbling is a relatively new problem for Winston. He had 28 interceptions in his two years at Florida State but lost only four fumbles in 27 games. His rookie season with the Bucs, he lost only two fumbles. But in his past two seasons, without a consistent running game to take some of the offensive burden off him, Winston has an NFL-high 25 fumbles, including 15 this season. He also has had a share of the league lead in fumbles lost each of the past two seasons: Last season it was six, and this season, despite missing three games, it is seven.