Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni jokingly admitted Saturday that he wanted the Heat’s grand experiment to fail in 2010. Then the coach of the New York Knicks, D’Antoni watched with intrigue along with everyone else as the Heat got off to rocky start. At 9-8 to begin the 2010 season, nothing seemed certain about the Heat except that it was going to take hard work for three perennial All-Stars and a collection of willing role players to figure itself out. “We were all hoping it would blow up, but it didn’t,” D’Antoni said. “I was just being uncompetitive. Just like everyone else, you live off y’alls little stories and you go, ‘Ha ha, look at that.’ “But they handled it well. They got through it, and [Heat coach Erik] Spoelstra did a great job of trying to ride the wave and he did, and you have to give him credit. It was great.” D’Antoni is now trying to navigate that same rough surf that threatened to swamp the Heat. There is still time for the Lakers to make the playoffs. There is still time for Los Angeles to coalesce and make its run. But time is running out.