There has been one big question about the Los Angeles Lakers throughout this season, and that has been whether they will mortgage more of their future for immediate success. The perfect example of this was their pursuit of Kyrie Irving, which would have meant that they had to give up their two remaining first-round picks this decade. 

Rob Pelinka had been unsure about trading those picks for a while, as it would mean that the Lakers would be severely handicapped moving forward. But when there is an incredible LeBron James on the roster, it makes total sense for teams to trade their future to win a title while they still can with him. It seems that the Lakers hierarchy is the only group that thinks this way, though. 

Kyrie Irving was traded to the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday, and even LeBron James seemed down about it. Lakers fans couldn't believe they had missed out on Irving, he was supposed to be the third star to turn things around for them.