The Los Angeles Kings’ captain Anze Kopitar has a big mantel over his fireplace in his house. This is a safe assumption given all those awards he’s racked up in his impressive career. Will he need to make room for the most significant honour of them all – the Hockey Hall of Fame (HHoF)?


This should be a lock – but it’s not. You can find plenty of reasons why one-day, “Kopi” should be enshrined in the beautiful building in downtown Toronto. That’s an easy article and will keep the fan base and the Kings happy with me – where is the fun in that? Let’s also look at why Kopitar won’t get in. Disclaimer: I hope he gets in!


Another Kings Great Ignored?

Any long-time Kings’ fan will cringe when I write Dave Taylor and Hockey Hall of Fame in the same article. Here we go again. Taylor is one of the main points of evidence why there is a real chance Kopitar won’t be in the HHoF.

Let’s be real. If Taylor played 17 seasons in Toronto, Montreal or Boston from 1977 to 1994, producing the kind of numbers and playing as physical as he did, he would’ve been in the HHoF when he was first eligible in 1997.

Things have changed since then. It seems the Toronto-centric, Eastern time zone hockey world does occasionally see highlights from the West Coast now. But the possibility is real that Kopitar is ignored in the same way that Taylor has been overlooked.


A Crowded Field

Next, there are a lot of players (and I mean a lot of players) in the Kopitar generation who will be HHoF considerations.