I'm going to start off with the truth: I did not watch the game. I was busy pretty much all day with a bro-in-law's wedding. So, aside from the highlights at NBA.com, I can't talk about specific plays. Though, as a fan of our young guys, that Hayward outlet to Burks for the alley-oop to Favors makes me smile. That's the future, folks. But still the box score and the game flow can tell us a pretty clear story about this one. In a way, tonight's game was a symbol of the entire season. The Clippers are a great team. They aren't the title favorites. They aren't even one of the inside-track challengers. They're more like the best of the Deron Jazz teams, a terrific team that has an outside, but still real shot at winning it all. And the Jazz showed us that they just aren't as good. They're an okay team.