few days ago, I read one of the better articles that I have read in a long time and it just so happened to come from ESPN/Grantland writer, Bill Simmons. I have always been a fan of his writing and podcast, so it does not surprise me that he would come up with a great piece such as this. Anyhow, Simmons decided to bring up the performance enhancing drugs issue and the way they are impacting not only the way sports are played, but the way the public perceives them and is almost afraid to discuss them. Media and fans are hesitant to question whether or not players use PEDs because we don't want to know the truth and as long as we can watch our favorite sport, who cares? I mean, if Player A does it, Player B can too. No one is stopping him/her. And it isn't all about steroids, either. A possible scandal was recently broken with Super Bowl champ Ray Lewis and the deer antler velvet spray. Basically, Sports Illustrated confirmed through multiple sources that Lewis was taking the spray, which contains substances banned by the NFL, as a way to recover quicker from his torn triceps. The story on Lewis broke a few days before the Super Bowl and that was that. Nothing more really came of it after he denied the entire investigation. Media didn't pursue it and fans really didn't care. Now he's the guy up on the podium being showered by graffiti. Make no mistake, it isn't just Lewis. I think there are players that use PEDs on every single team. That includes the Arizona Cardinals. The way players are able to defy nature and come back from injury sooner than should be humanly possible blows my mind.