The latest substance-abuse suspension to Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Justin Blackmon will cost him millions, per his contract, and certainly casts the future of the former first-round pick in doubt. Blackmon, the fifth-overall pick in 2012, is not eligible to apply for reinstatement to the league until prior to the start of the 2014 season. In the meantime, by not being a part of Jacksonville's 90-man offseason roster (he will be on the suspended list instead), Blackmon forfeits having his 2014 base salary of $2.072 million guaranteed, as it would have been otherwise, and he also loses out on his March roster bonus of $1.7 million (he would have had to have been on the 90-man roster as of the fifth day of the 2014 league year, which is March 16). Furthermore, the Jags could argue that the 2015 guarantees originally due Blackmon per his rookie contract ($2.93 million in salary and a $1.4 million roster bonus) are no longer guaranteed, per the rules of this collective bargaining agreement and the terms of Blackmon's contact, while the team could also make a case that they should be able to recoup a sizeable portion of his $7.1 million signing bonus that was already paid out as well.