Take a deep breath... wait for it... ahhhh... the smell of fresh trades in the air. With the December 15th restrictions being lifted on newly signed free agents from this past off-season, SB Nation NBA decided it would be the perfect time to roll out another one of our theme days. This time? Breaking down the position our franchises are in the trade market. Be sure to check out the other teams around the league to see if anyone has a certain 7 foot tall Spaniard who recently returned to action on their wish list. You never know. In the meantime, here's a thorough breakdown from two of our own, The Great Mambino and Actuarially Sound. Enjoy! Is your team a buyer, seller or both? The Great Mambino Not to be "that contrarian blogger", but for the time being, the Lakers aren't any of those. With three head coaches in a stretch of just over 25 games, L.A. has gone through enough change where it's simply a necessity to see how a fully functional team will react. Steve Nash has long been called the key to a surprisingly stagnant Lakers offense, and with his return just a week away it's difficult to call the team a buyer or a seller. It could be that Nash settles down the team's parts, makes everyone better, and serves as the sweet Mighty Putty that puts everything together. Or maybe he is the final piece that transforms the Lakers into a true run-and-gun machine, leaving guys like Pau Gasol as antiquated parts to a system that no longer fits his skill set. Right now, it's just incredibly hard to say if the Lakers are buyers or sellers.