In this most demanding of seasons, both compressed and constant, Carlos Boozer is the only Bull to start all 38 games. Take that, gym bags and critics alike. "I'm super happy I've been able to play in every game," Boozer said. "That would be a big deal to me to play in every game this season. I want to badly." After missing just eight games in his first two seasons with the Cavaliers, Boozer developed a reputation — rightly or wrongly — as injury-prone during his six seasons with the Jazz. That's where he missed 138 of 492 regular-season games, or 28 percent. Boozer's October 2010 mishap tripping over a gym bag and fracturing the fifth metacarpal in his right hand to start his Bulls tenure did little to soften that reputation. He missed last season's first 15 games following surgery and later missed eight games with a sprained left ankle.