For a team that is currently sitting at home while the 2021 NBA Playoffs are heating up, there sure is a lot going on in Boston Celtics-land right now. Kemba Walker’s future in Beantown continues to be a hot topic all over the hoops blogosphere. Meanwhile, pundits and armchair GMs alike have also begun to weigh the merits of trading All-Star forward Jaylen Brown.

That said, while roster upgrades and trade machine musings are always attention-grabbers, the Celtics’ ongoing head coaching search may be the biggest story in Beantown.

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After making the sudden transition from the sidelines to the team’s front office, Celtics GM Brad Stevens has the unenviable task of selecting his own replacement. The stakes for doing so are incredibly high, too, after the team logged a disappointing 36-36 record and was subsequently dispatched in the first round of postseason play.

In short, it’s a hire Stevens has to get right. However, questions remain about just who the right person for the job actually is.

In any case, a major sportsbook seemingly has its own ideas about which of the myriad candidates will ultimately land the job.