3B Evan Longoria does not have a timetable for when he will return from his partially torn left hamstring that forced him to miss his 54th game Friday night, but he said his leg feels the best it has since he suffered the injury April 30. "We're not back to square one by any means," Longoria said. "I've actually been feeling better these last couple of days than I had at any point during the rehab, even when I went out to play. Whatever we (had to get) past, we're past it, and I think it's just a matter of fighting the urge to go hard right now and letting it heal up to 100 percent. The last time … I probably tried to do a little too much too soon. I'm just happy I didn't injure it really, really badly and now I think we're back on track." Longoria said he will have to repeat all the steps he took before heading out to his first minor league rehab assignment that ended three innings into his second game. He will use drills to build up to baseball activities then start another rehab assignment at a date to be determined. "I just have a strong feeling that those steps will go a lot faster this time as opposed to spending two, three days on any given thing," he said. Longoria also said he will let Rays head athletic trainer Ron Porterfield call the shots this time instead of perhaps not being truthful with Porterfield to accelerate the rehab process, which he admitted to doing several weeks ago. "His eyes really don't lie. I'm going to let him see it for himself," Longoria said. "If he feels confident I'm going to feel 100 percent confident." Longoria said he told Porterfield, "I'm telling you I feel really good and I'm not crossing my fingers behind my back.' That's positive. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders."