Former All-Pro tackle and current ESPN analyst Lomas Brown feels the Lions need a stronger locker room culture, veteran players who hold teammates accountable for their play and actions. Former NFL head coach Tony Dungy feels the Lions need a quality running back to develop a balanced offensive attack. Brown and Dungy were among eight individuals inducted into the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame Monday night. They took a few minutes to talk about the Lions, who made the playoffs in 2011 before falling to 4-12 last season, losing their final eight games. "Until they get their locker room straight it's going to be like this, and what I mean by getting their locker room straight, Coach (Jim Schwartz) needs to get some veteran guys who can grab guys and make guys accountable," Brown said. "We had that when I played with the Lions. If I missed a block or wasn't getting the job done, when I got to the sideline it wasn't Coach Fontes in my face or any of the assistants, it was Chris Spielman, Jerry Ball or Bennie Blades, guys like that. No … not Barry (Sanders). He was laid back. "Calvin (Johnson) kind of reminds me of Barry. He's a superstar, but he's a laid back kind of guy. But, you have to have those guys who will grab guys and shake them when they're not doing right and they just don't have that in that locker room.