Now, where was I before Gary Bettman unanimously captured the "Moron of the Millenium'' championship? Oh yeah, Patrick Kane, second-line center. And Patrick Kane, trade bait. Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman contends that Kane can play center behind Jonathan Toews, and I'm thinking, Bowman is either trying to get coach Joel Quenneville fired or he has a plan to "clownsize'' the organ-I-zation. This is Lovie Smith saying, "Kellen Davis can do the things all the good tight ends can do.'' We all know he can't and he has shown us. Ditto Kane. Look, if Kane could do the things all the good centers can do, then the Hawks never would've moved him back to wing. Bowman's season-long inability to deliver a No. 2 center marked his greatest failure. Still stands, by thr way. Bowman gave his team no chance to win the Stanley Cup. He forced Quenneville to stick wingers and inadequate centers in the middle, most notably Kane. That worked sporadically during the regular season, which isn't enough for championship teams. It didn't work in the playoffs, but it sounds like Bowman locked himself out early and missed the postseason completely. Kane had one playoff goal more than you or me. That's as many postseason goals as Coyotes criminal Raffi Torres.