NBA superstars cement their legacy during the playoffs, and there's simply no argument to refute that statement. Whenever we recall a play made by Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant or LeBron James, we're often thinking about a playoff game that had intensity, emotion and historic situations.

With that in mind, we love to check playoffs statistics to confirm what we already know about certain legends. When looking at opinions about the greatest players ever, most of those names will be either leading the main statistics in the playoffs or at least land in the top five.

Is LeBron James at No. 1? A look at the top 3 NBA players based on field goals made in the playoffs

This article looks at field goals made in the postseason and provides the all-time top three based on field goals made in the postseason. We know LeBron James leads most of the all-time statistical numbers in the playoffs due to his greatness, unique consistency and longevity, but let's see if he owns this record as well.

No. 3: Michael Jordan | 2,188

The NBA's greatest player ever in the eyes of many, Michael Jordan simply couldn't be off this list. One of the best, most-clutch players in postseason history, Jordan finished his career with the second-most field goals made in the postseason, and is now third.

MJ made 2,188 baskets throughout his 179-game playoff career. Of course, Jordan won six titles and a record six Finals MVP awards with the Chicago Bulls between 1991-1998 and was arguably the most dominant individual ever seen in the postseason.