How smart is Lions rookie defensive end Ziggy Ansah? Smart. And he doesn’t even need those fancy 3-D glasses to prove it. Ansah’s intelligence was evident in his answers when he was peppered with reporters’ questions at his introductory news conference the day after the Lions drafted him fifth overall. One reporter asked Ansah what he planned to buy with his impending NFL wealth. “I haven’t really planned on what I’m going to get yet,” he said. “But I wouldn’t mind getting me a Ford or a Lincoln, you know?” So, he’s already smart enough to be a company man. He also was savvy enough to espouse the company line when asked whether he preferred to move around the line or stay in one spot. “The league is way different than college,” he said. “The reason I played in different positions back in college was just because of our scheme and personnel. But I think the coaches know what they’re doing out here, and I’m just waiting to see where I’ll be put.” But what’s your preference, a reporter pressed. “Anywhere I can help the team get better,” Ansah said, “is what I’m going to do.” Touché! Ansah even demonstrated a clever deftness in diffusing delicate subjects, such as when his Brigham Young teammates ignorantly queried him about his native Ghana.