All things created equal, Golden Tate would have preferred to stay in Seattle. He even offered to take less money to remain with the Seahawks. But the 25-year-old wide receiver was incredibly disappointed with the deal proposed by his former employer. In an interview with 710 ESPN Seattle, Tate called the Seahawks' contract offer laughable. He ultimately signed a five-year, $31 million pact with the Detroit Lions. "Considering I was there for four years, a starter two of those years," Tate said. "I missed one game in those two years, including the playoffs. I was in the community, did everything right, was not a trouble maker. Every one loved me in the locker room. I did everything right and what they offered, it was like, 'Is this serious?'" Tate's deal with Detroit contains $13.25 million in guarantees, including an $8 million signing bonus. He said he'll essentially earn as much in 2014 with the Lions as he would have in two seasons had he re-signed with Seattle.