Reggie Bush, speaking Tuesday night on 97.1, said he thought the Lions lacked discipline. That is dangerously flammable talk these days with coach Jim Schwartz’s job security being such a hot topic. But on Wednesday, Bush clarified his comments, saying Schwartz is a disciplinarian and what he was talking about was a players’ issue and not a coaching issue. “Just in our play,” Bush said, explaining what he meant by undisciplined. “It can be from penalties. It can be from turnovers, how we finish games in the fourth quarter. It’s not one specific play or moment, it’s our total game and how we are playing.” He put the onus on the players to fix it. “We can do a better job all across the board,” he said. “Offense turning the ball over, that’s a discipline issue. We have to correct it.” Middle linebacker and defensive captain Stephen Tulloch used another word for it: focus. “You talk about the game of football and there are so many things involved,” he said. “You’ve got great players and you have schemes and the thing that separates players and teams is focus. It’s easy to be focused in the beginning, but you have to stay focused for the long haul. “I am not saying we are unfocused but we need to zone in on the little things.” Asked if it was a coaching problem, Tulloch said, “No. We are very prepared every week. We just have to zone in and we can’t get lackadaisical.” Schwartz didn’t want to comment directly on Bush’s comments because he didn’t hear them himself. But he didn’t think preparedness was an issue.