Many Detroit Lions rookies have been seeing increased opportunities in recent weeks as they’ve continued to earn more trust of the coaches. With the playoffs no longer a possibility, first-year players might get a big chance Sunday to showcase their skills and help general manager Bob Quinn assess his second draft class. Coach Jim Caldwell said it is vitally important for young players to put a good performance on video in the last game. “It’s your resume, and everybody looks at it. Everybody reviews it on every staff: the personnel departments, the coaches, etcetera. And you actually leave your trademark out there. What do you want it to look like?” Caldwell said. Running back Tion Green wasn’t drafted, but the Lions signed him immediately after the 2017 draft. He’s only gotten into the last four games, but the Cincinnati standout has been the lone bright spot in this season’s rushing game, averaging 4.4 yards per carry with two touchdowns in that limited time.