Richard Sherman was asked Wednesday about the criticism that gets directed at cornerbacks who don't shadow opposing No. 1 wide receivers. "People are like, 'Oh man, you're not following him. You're scared of him.' It's like, I don't call the defense," Sherman said. "I don't call the plays. They call the plays. I do what they tell me to do. And the receivers are the same way. They run the plays that they are told to run. They don't get to go out there and make stuff up. So people need to understand that. But obviously it makes for great talking points, I guess, for the people who don't know football and don't know anything about anything. It gives them a conversation to be had." Sunday's game between the Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons features a matchup between the top-ranked offense and top-ranked defense in the NFL through five weeks of the season. And at the heart of it could be one of the great individual matchups of the season: Sherman vs. wide receiver Julio Jones. Early in Sherman's career, the Seahawks were reluctant to move him away from his usual spot at left cornerback. But that has changed. In Week 4 against the New York Jets, Sherman traveled all over the field with wide receiver Brandon Marshall. According to ESPN Stats & Information, Sherman lined up at left cornerback on just 26 of 65 snaps. Marshall caught four balls for 89 yards and a touchdown on 12 targets. Sherman finished with a pair of interceptions.