The Detroit Lions might have a simple solution for their recent red-zone woes already on their roster: More Ameer Abdullah. Abdullah, the Lions' leading rusher with 369 yards on 101 carries, said Thursday he would welcome the chance to be the team's short-yardage back if given the opportunity. "I feel like I’m a good player," Abdullah said. "And I wouldn’t be standing in front of you guys if I didn’t bring something to the table." Abdullah does not have a carry on third down this season, and he has just eight rushes in the red zone, including a 3-yard touchdown run against the Minnesota Vikings in Week 4. Abdullah said he has no plans to ask coaches for a bigger role in the red zone ahead of Monday's game against the Green Bay Packers. The Lions made five trips to the red zone in Sunday's 20-15 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, came away with nine points on three field goals, and twice got stopped in goal-to-go situations at the 1-yard line. "I’m never going to tell the coaches what to do," Abdullah said. "I mean, their job is to design, to put us in the best situations. My job is to execute under any circumstance, and it don’t matter if he calls me a toss play with no blocking in front of me, I’ve got to do my best and I’m never going to tell the coaches what we should or shouldn’t do."