Lions president Tom Lewand was not willing to get into specifics of the team's salary cap strategy or free agent priorities and targets, but rest assured, there is a plan in place. "We have a long track record of being able to accomplish our plans within the confines of the salary cap," Lewand said. "I am very confident that we have a dynamic plan and by dynamic I mean one that is both designed to accomplish its goals and one that has different flexibilities based on market conditions that we can fit the goals we have into the salary cap." Presently, the Lions have between $3 million and $6 million in cap space, depending on how center Dominic Raiola's final year was restructured. General manager Martin Mayhew has said the team has begun working on a contract extension with quarterback Matthew Stafford, which could save the team at least another $10 million. Lewand, though, said working that extension for Stafford was not paramount to executing the offseason plan. "Absolutely not," he said. "Matthew Stafford is our quarterback and we hope he's our quarterback for a long time. The reason to explore an extension is to fulfill that goal of him being our quarterback for a long time. "It's not a short-term look at the salary cap. That's the wrong way to look at that."