It was a gift from former Detroit Lions linebacker Ernie Sims but five years later the alligator egg given to Louis Delmas has grown to a six-foot monster the safety could no longer justify keeping at his home. Sims known for his collection of exotic animals gave Delmas the egg during his rookie season. Sims told him it would hatch in a week but after two days under a heat lamp the baby alligator emerged. "It was very unexpected but I've had it ever since" Delmas said. Delmas' affinity for alligators dates back to when he was a young child living in Florida. Of course his first experience involved a dangerous case of mistaken identity. "When I was younger I was swimming in the lake and I caught an iguana" he said. "I thought it was an iguana. I took it home and put it in the back yard. My brother came home and said 'Lou what are you doing?' I'm like 'I got an iguana.' He's like 'That's a gator.'" As for the alligator he received from Sims Delmas named it Mojo and housed it in a 36-square-foot tank in the basement. The monstrous reptile's diet grew to the point where Delmas was feeding it two giant rats three times per week. "That gator ate my refrigerator dry" Delmas joked. But two factors recently led Delmas to part ways with his pet. First Mojo simply got too big. At six-feet long it was no longer reasonable to keep it in the house. Second new teammate Kevin Ogletree was moving in and had no intention of living under the same roof as an alligator.