If there is such a thing as preseason demons the Patriots have an opportunity to exorcise one Thursday in Detroit. One of the keys to that could involve the outcome of an exciting one-on-one matchup in the trenches. The Patriots were run out of Ford Field by the Lions two years ago when the teams met in the third preseason game. The Lions built a 27-10 lead in the third quarter by the time Tom Brady took his final snap. Detroit ended up with a 34-10 win. Preseason or otherwise the Patriots rarely get pounded as they did in August 2011. “We went there a few years ago and didn’t do very well which we’ve already heard about that for three days now” Brady said. Brady was bombarded by the Lions’ pressure all night as the front four dominated the Pats offensive line play after play. The quarterback only completed 12-of-22 passes for 145 yards one touchdown and one interception and he was sacked twice by defensive end Cliff Avril. The Lions hit Patriots quarterbacks seven times in the game and bruising defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was credited with two whacks on Brady. While Suh usually lines up over the right side of the offensive line he does move around enough to potentially create a show-stopping matchup with left guard Logan Mankins. Mankins has the reputation of a mauler too so he was asked if he’s excited about the matchup with Suh. “I don’t know about excited but you better be focused and on top of your game when you go against them” Mankins said. “You better be in good shape because he’s in good shape. The guy’s got a unique motor for the position he plays. There’s not many guys who go harder than he does play in and play out at that position.”