Given their struggles at punter last season, the Detroit Lions could decide to look to the 2013 NFL Draft to find a new one. The Lions haven't drafted a punter in 29 years, but there is a lot of talent at the position this year. Based on that and the success punters have had after being drafted, it would make a lot of sense for the Lions to take one in the draft. An entirely separate conversation is whether or not the Lions will actually have a punter (or another specialist, for that matter) ranked high enough to warrant being picked. For the Lions, it's all about best player available, but could a punter actually fit that label? Lions head coach Jim Schwartz says yes. From the Free Press: "If he’s good," Schwartz said. "Minnesota drafted a kicker in the sixth round last year. I’m sure there were players on the board at positions that they liked, but they also got a guy that went to the Pro Bowl and set a record for 50-yard field goals last year.