Allen Park Patrick Edwards isn’t the tallest, strongest or fastest player for the Lions, but he stands out. The second-year wide receiver from Houston has dozens of tattoos that form an artistic collage from his neck down, all of which tell stories of his past or inspire his future. “They get addicting once you start getting them,” he said. “I didn’t want to just have like patches everywhere, so I just get a collage of things and then fill in space (with shading) and then it looks better to me.” On the left side of his neck, Edwards recently added a tattoo of his son’s face. Patrick Michael Edwards Jr. was born in March, but lives in Houston with his mother while Edwards Sr. is trying to earn his way onto the Lions roster. The word “sacrifice” tattooed on his left leg initially had a spiritual meaning, but now represents his relationship with the toddler. “Now that I got my son, I’ve got to sacrifice for him,” said Edwards, 24. “I’m sacrificing time I could be with him up here to work and trying to make a better life for him.” If fellow Lions receivers have any say, Edwards could soon see the payoff of his sacrifice. Last week, Nate Burleson said Edwards has been impressive so far in organized team activities, and the Lions likely will need receiver help when the season begins as last year’s second-round pick Ryan Broyles recovers from a torn ACL. Even though Burleson and Broyles were hurt last year, Edwards, an undrafted free agent last season, missed his chance to make the 53-man roster after being placed on practice squad injured reserve with a quad injury. “He’s a competitor,” Broyles said last year. “I felt like he could’ve played last year if he didn’t hurt his quad. He’s a great player; (the coaches) all see that. He makes plays out there every day, so he’s ready to step up.”