Grayling Mercer loves watching his beloved Detroit Lions -- win or lose -- at Ford Field, except for one thing: Smartphones don't work very well in the stadium. He wants to use his phone to more easily post photos and video to Facebook, watch streaming video -- and even to reach buddies at the concession stands to place a cold beer order. This season, Verizon might be granting Mercer his wish. The phone company plans to demonstrate this morning added technology, including miles of fiber-optic and copper cable, to make Ford Field the first major stadium in Michigan -- and the ninth in the NFL -- to offer its customers wireless Internet, also known as Wi-Fi. The improvement means the Lions, and other groups, could roll out more apps and video -- and give social media a huge boost during the game. Other Michigan sports teams and venues, including the Tigers and Pistons, say they have plans to offer Wi-Fi in the future to stem complaints of poor phone and Internet service during games. Comerica Park is part of a Major League Baseball initiative to add Wi-Fi to all stadiums and improve wireless connectivity overall. The Tigers are working on details and hopes to offer the service by the end of the year, said Ron Colangelo, the Tigers' vice president for communications. "The goal is to enhance the fans' overall experience at a game," he said.