Damon Harrison played 10 games for the Detroit Lions last season after they acquired him in a trade with the New York Giants, and the defensive tackle is already seeking a new contract. Some fans have an issue with that, and Harrison is tired of hearing from those critics.

On Sunday, Harrison took to Twitter to rip fans who have called him out over wanting a new deal.

“Y’all wake up every day and talk about this contract s—,” Harrison wrote. “Giants fans tweet me every day about how much of a bum I am and how they glad I’m gone lol … I’m not bothering either one of y’all … bout to start blocking folks so I can enjoy tweeting supporters again.”

Harrison then said he is not looking for fans to “kiss my a–” and knows he hasn’t won anything, but he clearly feels he deserves a raise. The 30-year-old is considered one of the best run-stoppers in football, and he has just $8 million in total guaranteed money remaining over the final two years of his contract. Like many other players, he believes he has played at a high enough level to earn more financial security.