Lions coach Jim Schwartz was appropriately subdued after his team’s 40-9 exhibition victory over the New England Patriots on Thursday both because it’s the preseason and preseason games really don’t matter and because despite the lopsided score his team had just enough head-scratching moments to counter much of the good it did. The defense forced four first-half turnovers. The offense settled for too many field goals. Jason Jones and Ndamukong Suh were dominant rushing the passer. Nick Fairley Willie Young and C.J. Mosley picked up silly personal fouls. Reggie Bush had 103 yards receiving. The offense playing without lynchpin Calvin Johnson for the second straight game didn’t move the ball with any consistency until Kellen Moore took over in the second half. “We’re not going to be super excited” Suh said. “Obviously it’s a great win. You’re never going to discount a win in the NFL whether it’s preseason in-season or postseason. But to be honest with you it’s just a practice game. That’s all it is a glorified scrimmage because it doesn’t mean anything. It’s not going to get us a win toward the playoffs and things of that sort so I definitely understand that demeanor and it wasn’t a perfect game on our hands. We’ve got good things that we can take from this game but things that we’ve got to learn from from this game as well.” With only next week’s preseason finale against the Buffalo Bills left when starters will play barely if at all the Lions’ biggest question mark heading into their Sept. 8 season opener against the Minnesota Vikings is an offense that’s yet to gel.