Detroit Lions linebacker Ronnell Lewis joins the long list of Jim Schwartz's players who have found themselves in offseason trouble. Lewis was arrested this past Saturday on three misdemeanor complaints after an altercation at a bar in Norman, Okla. He marks the ninth arrest involving a Lions player in two recent offseasons (Lions safety Amari Spievey was arrested earlier this offseason). According to the police report obtained by, bouncers at a bar called Logan's on the Corner, located in Norman's Campus Corner entertainment district, requested the officer's help with a fight that was occurring inside of their establishment between Lewis and Herve Sivuilu. The bouncers grabbed Lewis and brought him outside to the officers. Once both men were outside, Lewis proceeded to push Sivuilu to the ground in front of the officers. That's when officers told Lewis to step away from Sivuilu, but the Lions player then proceeded to punch his opponent, who was still on the ground. Lewis was then tased by an officer, but the Lions player refused to stop fighting Sivuilu, who got up from the floor. Lewis was then tased a second time and finally dropped to the ground. Sivuilu was also tased.