Jim Caldwell is a busy man this time of year. Sometimes, too busy. Cramming for games, pouring over practice film and handling all the minutia that comes his way as Lions coach. Thankfully, Caldwell said he has a tried and true method for Christmas shopping that's worked for decades: Leave it in the hands of his wife, Cheryl. "I shop for one person, her," Caldwell said Thursday. "That’s it. And more often than not, I do that, doesn’t take me very long. I put some thought into it, though. It's not like it's random." While Amazon has become a one-stop shop for many holiday gift-givers, Caldwell said he's not much of an online shopper. Rather, he said he has a "a couple places that I deal with that kind of keep up with her wish list" so he can "at least not buy her (a gift) that gets returned after Christmas."