Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson was chuckling when he said it but he meant what he said. "It's easy to have dislike for them" he said Thursday. "It's not hard at all." Here's why it's easy for the Lions and especially Johnson to dislike the Bears. Detroit has lost nine out of the last 10 games to Chicago and since Johnson arrived on the scene in 2007 the Lions are 3-9 though Johnson didn't play in one of the wins in 2007. And no team in the NFC North has defended Johnson better than the Bears. In 11 games Johnson has averaged just 72.8 receiving yards against them. He set an NFL season record with 1964 receiving yards last year but only 106 came against Chicago. "Can't stand it" he said when asked how all that suffering fuels this rivalry. "For one thing they fill (our) stadium a lot. There's always a lot of Bears fans and that's one reason we can't stand it. "But we will have a good showing this week. We've had two good practices so far. Guys are focused in. We don't like those guys. It's going to be a good little showdown." Defensive back Charles Tillman has done a lot of the heavy lifting against Johnson in recent years posting 37 tackles eight pass breakups two interceptions and two forced fumbles in his head-to-head battles with Johnson. But offensive coordinator Scott Linehan said the Bears have made it tough on the entire offense not just Calvin. "What they've done to Calvin is they've played good defense and they've done that to our offense" he said. "You've got to really execute against Chicago and it's easier said than done. "They are an execute defense. They don't do a whole lot of things — they have some scheme things that are challenging — but they make you execute against them and that's the biggest thing. It's a tough challenge because they play and believe in some base looks and they live with it." Johnson said the Bears "like to bleed you out." "They just make you beat them" he said. "They make you work your way all the way down the field. They dump you off in 5- and 10-yard chunks knowing that usually offenses will make mistakes.