Only 31 games remain in the Grizzlies’ regular season. To coach Lionel Hollins, it might feel like he’s had to recalibrate the measurements of his team 1,000 times over four seasons. Only this time, expectations haven’t been adjusted. New owner Robert Pera said publicly that this team is built better for the playoffs and has a chance to be more successful than any squad the organization’s ever assembled. Those sentiments will be tested with a post-All Star Weekend schedule that features 19 road games. That means the challenge for Hollins is to be a quality mechanic. Again. In four seasons, Hollins has seen at least 30 players come and go through his rotation, and walk through the revolving door off the team. But he’s not dwelling on that. “There are a lot of players here who can play. It’s just different role players, basically,” Hollins said. “My mantra is, ‘Hey, you’re still here. You’ve won before and I still expect to win.’ If you’re good enough you will, and if you turn out to not be good enough then we’ll make adjustments at the end of the season. That’s the only way you can look at it.