Well, that was fast. NBA Free Agency 2013 hasn’t even officially kicked off and the pistons are already all over the rumor mill with a potential stunner of a trade. The Pistons passed on the top 3 point guards in the draft surprisingly, but they may have had 0ther things in mind when they passed on them. CBS Sports is reporting that the Pistons and Rockets are close to a deal that would send Jose Calderon to Houston in a sign-and-trade for none other than Linsanity himself, Jeremy Lin. The deal works under the CBA rules and would be a stunner to say the least if it is agreed upon. By passing on point guards in the draft, it was thought to be because they believe Brandon Knight could develop under new head coach Mo Cheeks. Lin, like Knight, was a point guard that was turnover prone. Lin averaged over three turnovers per game, but averaged over 6 assists per game last year.