There’s a great dynamic going on between 41-year-old Jaromir Jagr and two young linemates who were barely out of diapers -- or not even born yet -- during the great early moments of his NHL career. Brad Marchand is a little bit older than the 21-year-old Tyler Seguin, and probably has a little more recall of Jagr’s dazzling debut. So he might be getting the sticky fingers when it comes to grabbing a few mementos over the next few months from playing with the future Hall of Famer. “I almost feel like a super fan right now,” admitted Marchand, who assisted on Jagr’s game-winning goal against the Devils Thursday night. “I haven’t got around to it yet, but I’m sure I’ll steal a stick or two [from him] by the end of the year.” Seguin admitted he also felt an inordinate amount of internal pressure to give up the puck and defer to a guy he grew up watching dominate for the Penguins, Capitals and Rangers, among others. But Jagr said he simply wants to keep up pace with the two young speedsters as best he can, and utilize his big body, puck possession strength and ability to slow things down and create plans to good effect with his talented linemates. He was off to a good start Thursday night with five shots on net, the game’s only goal and some nice little plays while skating the full two minutes on Boston’s one power play possession against the Devils. “They’re young guys. They have a lot of energy,” said Jagr, referencing Marchand and Seguin. “You want to slow them down. You want them to play like me . . . slow. They need their energy. I’m happy for them. They’re playing good games and that’s good for them. They won the Cup, so they know what to do. “For me it’s always about adjustments. You constantly have to adjust because the game is changing so much every year. Especially when I come [back] from Europe, I have to adjust. It’s a different game in Europe. They call it hockey, but I always say it’s a different game with the same roof. It’s all about adjustments.”