Matt Garza just wanted to be wanted. That's the gist of what he had to say this morning in the Milwaukee Brewers' clubhouse in Maryvale, when he met with the media for the first time since signing his big four-year, $50 million with the club late last month. That deal was actually $2 million less than the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim offered Garza earlier in the offseason, but with incentives and a vesting clause if he's able to stay healthy, Garza has the chance to earn up to $59 million over five years with the Brewers. Reports surfaced recently about the Angels' offer and subsequent move to pull it off the table when Garza didn't respond quickly enough for them. He was asked about that this morning, and said the timing of the offer coincided with an anniversary trip Garza had gone on with his wife to Turks and Caicos. "They offered, but it was more of a weird situation," Garza said. "I was on vacation with my wife and I didn’t want to be disturbed and it was like, ‘Here it is, we’ll pull it in a certain amount of hours.’ I didn’t have a chance to respond, so I just said, ‘Whatever. It is what it is.’ "I had no worries. God’s going to make things work out either way. It is what it is. I guess you didn’t want me that bad, I take it. I found a team that wants me and makes me feel at home. I was looking for a great fit and I believe I found it." Garza said he was impressed with the meeting he had with Brewers principal owner Mark Attanasio prior to signing with the team. "A really great guy. Down to earth," he said. "It was awesome just chatting it up with him. I was looking for a great fit – someplace who wanted me. It wasn’t just, ‘We want you to pawn you off for something else.’ "That’s what really kind of stuck with me. Just saying,’ Here, we want you this bad. We’ll give you this.’ And I was like, ‘Cool.’ That’s what I was looking for."