Lincoln Riley found a way to handle the Horns Down controversy that has lingered in the Big 12.

Asked Monday how he'll address the issue with his team for Saturday's Red River Showdown between No. 6 Oklahoma and No. 11 Texas at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Riley simply said, "Our players won't do it."

The gesture -- turning the Longhorns' Hook 'em Horns sign upside down -- became a hot topic before last season's Texas-OU rematch in the Big 12 championship game after Riley said he had been told by officials that the Sooners couldn't do it or they'd be penalized.

Greg Burks, the Big 12 coordinator of football officials, said at Big 12 media days in July that a player likely would not be called for a penalty if he quickly flashed the Horns Down after scoring a touchdown, but prolonged displays or those directed toward an opposing player or at the opponent's bench would be.