When you absorb the worst postseason shutout loss in franchise history, the feel-good moments usually end with the thundering flyover during the National Anthem. Tim Lincecum provided one more turbo boost, such as it was. Lincecum, the cause of so much consternation this season, made his third career relief appearance – his second in a playoff game – and temporarily stoked a sellout crowd when he took the mound in the sixth inning Sunday night. Lincecum retired six of seven batters over two scoreless innings, earning a standing ovation from fans who otherwise used their rally rags to dab at their eyes in a 9-0 loss to the Cincinnati Reds. Giants manager Bruce Bochy needed a couple clean innings to keep a four-run game from splitting open. But maybe he also hoped Lincecum could pep up the paying customers, and by extension, cause a stirring in some of his hitters.